Mission Statement

Mindful of our past we wish to pursue a mission of excellence, one that not only meets but also exceeds the expectations of our clients, our employees & our shareholders.

The following ideals are fundamental principles, integral to the operation of our business:

  • Active strategic & executive management practices

  • Communicate with our clients to ensure that instructions are comprehensive & understood by both parties

  • Maintain high professional standards in the delivery of quality products & services

  • Strive to be a leader in our industry

  • Search for continuous improvement

  • Be innovative; embracing technology

  • Act ethically with honesty & integrity

  • Value the contribution of our employees, while encouraging pro-active feedback

  • Promote a culture of teamwork; internal & external

  • Provide our employees with necessary opportunity & training to foster career path advancement

  • Create effective financial performances that will resource & reward employees & shareholders

  • Be proud of our worth & understand the value of our service

  • Communicate the value of our service as a benefit to the client

  • Encourage & welcome employee initiative, which seen as an indicator of job satisfactions & a driver of business success

  • Utilize & continually develop our quality management system as a core function in our commitment to qualify, & as a support tool to achieve successful outcomes for our business & clients alike.

About Big Eazy’s Custom Bikes

An ever growing demand for customized motorcycles in South-Africa market has given us the opportunity to bring the world of motorcycle customizing to the South-African market. Over the last few years, the big brand names have even started to sell a huge aftermarket arrangement of products, just to keep up with every request for individual customizing. You can easily find custom parts catalogs as thick as telephone directories at any bike shop these days… As this may be there is only but a few small companies that build completed custom bikes for resale. On top of that there are very little skilled artisans left over in South-Africa to do most of this perfected labor. In today’s “press button and get it” society there is very little time to spend on building a custom motorcycle in you’re home garage let alone the mastering of the needed skill set to do just such a thing. This is where we at Big Eazy’s Bike Customs come in and do just that in correct manner and in perfect time frames.


Think of it like this, what would be better than to walk onto a showroom floor and have an array of customized bikes to choose from. To optimize our sales we do not keep ourselves bound to just one brand, type or style of motorcycle. In just a very short time we have grown to be respected amongst our peers and its time to grow as a sustainable company even further.

Our Clients